Quoted from Game Master
Elric feels the anger he causes through trying to dispel the magic of the spirits. His meditations are disrupted … denying him his divine powers including his ability to casts divine spells.

As Elric is leaving the grove at last, he turns back to say:

Brother Darme, to the druid
I am astonished at the lack of hospitality shown by the caretakers of this grove and the spirits within. I sincerely hope that I never need endure their presence again.

I shall never seek them or their aid, I do so swear it. It is one thing to be a poor guest; it is entirely another to be a poor host. This is between myself and the tenants of this forest realm. I shan’t soon forget this foul mistreatment.

Quoted from Player
“Well we did do the equivalent of kicking down a church’s front door, … and then finally insulting that church’s god. I really can’t blame them for being upset and unhelpful.”

Brother Darme, to Luemus
I believe a more accurate description would be that we stumbled through back alleys for several days, were beset by mongrels and found ourselves wandering in circles.

In exhaustion we collapse on the front steps of this “church” only to awaken and find that we have been locked indoors and we are interrogated and mocked by the clergy. Upon attempting to free ourselves, we are then deprived our dignity and privacy.

I cannot conceive of more disgraceful behavior for the servants of a higher being.

Quoted from Player
“I detested how they treated us as much as you did, well maybe not as much the way you’re going on. [snip] You really aren’t seeing it from his view point at all. For him the whole forest is his home.”

Brother Darme, to Luemus
I see no point in arguing either, so let me leave you with this: this druid, this grove, both of which you clearly sympathize, and go so far as to compare clergy and a “holy place,” did knowingly invade my mind and deprive me of my divine magic.

Severed me from my connection to the divine! Such a thing goes beyond any physical or verbal abuse! It is an affront to me and my beliefs, an affront to the forces I serve, and it is an affront to the divine!

Please consider my point of view, and wonder if my actions were so unwarranted.

Elric walks away from Luemus, at this point, muttering words like “depravity,” “see how you like it,” “sacrilege,” and “blasphemy.”