It started to get pretty bad. Our game master was on a serious power-trip by this point. He led our party out to the middle of nowhere in the wilderness and then nearly killed one of the characters we needed for our adventure – then in the next scene proceeded to undermine that character’s entire purpose (lead us to the druids).

We were then forced to watch helplessly as our companions transformed into hybrid creatures, unable to do anything to help them. Trapped by a magical barrier, we were then unable to leave, and the game master’s pet NPC proceeded to lecture us on how we should feel about the “gifts” of lycanthropy.

Elric endeavored to be a peacekeeper, while the characters ripped into each other.

Quoted from Player
“Every life is part of nature, and you are telling me I’m not? I’m part of nature as much as you do… [snip] I might not able to hear the voices of nature but I have never desecrate it”

Brother Darme, to Elena
Elena, it’s okay to be angry, but please, let’s not resort to blaming each other or name-calling. We may well be intruding in the territory of the druids, in which case we would be considered unwelcome guests.

The best we can hope for right now is that they allow us to leave peacefully, and then we can seek another option. There are the wizard and the cleric to consider.

Quoted from Game Master
“…why aren’t you satisfied with the gift nature has presented you with? What is there not to like about the gifts nature has bestowed upon you that you think it must be undone?”

Elric interjects again.

Brother Darme, to the druid
An unwanted and ill-received gift isn’t much of a gift at all, now is it? Now please, Zikn, I would appreciate it if you would stop speaking to my companions as thus.

I believe that it would be obvious to one such as yourself that my companions wouldn’t be interested in removing their lycanthropy if they actually believed it to be a gift? Or is that somehow not perfectly obvious?

Considering how they have repeatedly admitted that they themselves do not find their current predicament to be a “gift,” I might almost suspect you of intentionally provoking their ire. I certainly hope this isn’t the case.

Might I ask, what reason would the “spirits” here have for holding us beyond the time of the full moon? What is it these spirits might hope to achieve by holding us here?