It’s been about eight months since I posted the last summary update, but here’s the chapter six summary for Rumors of War. I had hoped to write and post these online sooner than this, but it gives me something to do when I’m too busy with stuff to focus on a “wholly original content” post, y’know?

Life’s been hectic lately and I’ve been trying to get my creative priorities in order. I would love for any one of my various creative works to spark the (positive) interest of the Internet, but I’m aware the Internet is a fickle beast.


Chapter six gives us some more hints about Elysia’s priorities — she makes several references to Meteon and his home, at first surprised that he doesn’t see her inside, instead opting to show her his work space and his most recent … work. When he starts ordering her out, she balks at his insistence on what he calls his “home.”

As a priest of the deity of home and hospitality, Elysia takes this kind of thing seriously. If it doesn’t have a hearth, it can scarcely be called a “home.” But if he insists on the workplace being a “home” and he assaults a “guest,” it’s bad news. Overall, it represents an interesting grey area to me.

After Elysia discovers someone or something wearing Couric’s face in town, she rushes to Penelo’s home to see if she’s all right. Elysia speculates on why someone might hurt Couric (let alone murder, flay, and impersonate him). A servant shows her to see Meteon, Penelo’s father, who appears to have been torturing someone.

Meteon reveals that he knows who Elysia is, and has been torturing Benito for information about his daughter. Elysia accuses him of having Couric murdered, to which he confesses ignorance. The two hurl insults until a servant arrives to tell Meteon that Penelo has disappeared. Meteon gives him a savage beating.

When Elysia attempts to leave, Meteon blames her for the disappearance of his daughter and attacks. Though he initially proves a dangerous opponent, he is outmatched and defeated by Elysia. She leaves him in the care of his servants and departs with the intent to report his impiety to the local ruling council.