So, this “abridged series” business.

So I already had the first half of a script that I wrote a little over two weeks ago, right? Well, after some thought, it occurred to me that I should probably try to do a series outline to get an idea of how many episodes it should take to properly abridge the story. I figured “twelve” was a good number to aim for, so I did.

I figure my “angle,” apart from one-off jokes and such, will be to underline silly aspects of the original premise, and to replace certain ridiculous elements with others that are just as ridiculous while being more “realistic” from the perspective of someone in high school. Like which club “replaces” the student council for example.

A couple of the major “cuts” for the purpose of the abridgment will probably be the Shadow Players and the Black Rose story arc. It’s unfortunate since the former is one of my favorites aspects of the series, and the latter contains some of the best character development, but they’re arguably filler bits that aren’t strictly necessary.

For all that I intend to parody Utena, I also want to give it a proper abridgment. I’ve known so few people to have actually seen the series all the way through, I want to do the anime some justice. As I said before, it’s one of my favorite series, and it saddens me that more people don’t know and enjoy it like I do. Maybe I can help?

From one perspective, you could look at the project as a way to take Utena and “freshen it up” in the eyes of popular culture. You don’t see Utena memes much, but the show isn’t any less meme-tastic than the latest in a long line of obnoxious Hollywood tarts. Utena even has some redeeming features.

I know there are still some die hard Utena fans out there, and maybe I can give them something to rally around, and a new audience to share the love with – maybe, I guess we’ll have to see. Honestly, you don’t want your Wikipedia page to be one of the top results in a Google search – you’ve effectively slipped into the realm of “history.”