Quoted from Player
“WHAT is she, Darme?” she says trying to plug her ears. “The woman keeps talking to me!”

Brother Darme, to Elena
I can tell you exactly what she is, with almost anatomical precision. She is a vampire; a soulless, bloodthirsty predator that likes to play with her food. Her gaze can crush your will and make you her mindless servant. Her touch can sap the strength from your body, and her diet … she feeds on the blood of the living.

She has the power to make more creatures like her, spawn under her command. She can transform her body into a bat, a wolf, or a cloud of mist. She can shrug off most physical blows as though they were nothing, and if you could manage to do her some small amount of harm, she would heal the wound in seconds.

Simply put, she is a monster. There is no making a deal with a monster, because the only thing a monster wants is to eat you. And that… (Darme says with a calm smile.) …is not something we can let happen, ever.

We have to be very careful because now we have the monster’s attention. Now she wants to eat us. She’s going to try and maneuver us into a position where she can do just that. But if we play it safe, if we refuse to play by her rules, she can’t touch us.

And when the time comes, and it may be a long time in coming, we will destroy her. Maybe not you and me, we may be long gone by the time it happens … maybe our students, our descendants, others who share our cause, others who share our enemies, or others with no relation to us whatsoever … we will destroy her.

Because that is what happens to every monster. It’s only a matter of time. But until then, we can’t let the monster get us. No matter what.