Quoted from Player
Elena says seeing the rat transform. “What is THAT?” [snip] “Are you ok? Did you get bitten by the rats?” she asks.

Elric looks around the floor at the piles of dead rats, and at the others.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Elric gulps a lungful of air at each pause.) Sorry. I didn’t. Get here. Sooner. Ran into some. Problems. With a. Spellcaster. Upstairs.

Elric takes several long moments to catch his breath.

Brother Darme, continued
Elena, you’re injured. Did the rat creature bite you? Let me see your wound.

Heal check
4+8 = 12 (…failed?)

Quoted from Game Master
Elric identifies that Elena was bitten.

Brother Darme, continued
These wounds look bad. They’re probably infected. I have a healing kit and I’ll do my best, but this wound (Elric points to the bite wound.) looks like it might be supernatural in origin. I don’t know how to treat it.

I’ve heard stories about men and women who become infected by animals bites, only to transform into monstrous hybrid creatures, but I’ve never seen one. Someone with an intimate knowledge of the wilds and the animals or other strange creatures that live there will probably know more about this than me.

Elric does what he can to clean the wounds of any grime or filth, and also applies any herbs or oils he might have in the healer’s kit. Also, he will use magic and healing kit uses on anyone who fought in the battle and received similar wounds, though his priority will of course be taking care of Elena.

Brother Darme, continued
We will unlikely see some very trying times in the near future.

Quoted from Game Master
“You mean that bottle that you managed to knock over and spill all over the place, last time the kobolds attack? That yellow colored bottle?” Ophelia commented on Priscilla’s statement.

Brother Darme, to the arguing bards
It is truly unfortunate that you lost what may have been my companion’s salvation. (Elric sighs inwardly.) It seems that kobold attack indirectly caused more devastating results than we could have known at the time.

Elric turns back to Elena.

Brother Darme, to Elena
Elena, and… I’m sorry, I don’t believe I caught your name. If what these travelers say is true, then I think you understand there may be dire consequences of this. I don’t know what you plan to do about it. I can treat the infections and in a few days you should be rid of that, but I have no way to treat the curse that has befallen you.