Elric thinks about all that he’s learned while he was out gathering information about the “baroness” Boti. He wonders if it’s really safe in the city for him at all. For him, or Elena. His mind blurs with thoughts as fatigue begins to settle in, and he heads back to the Church of Labona.

Elric is startled to see Elena and Boti, almost too startled to cast the spell he’d prepared for the next time he saw Boti… Detect Good.

Quoted from Game Master
…Elena is Good, Boti doesn’t show any aura of Good…

Elric sighs as he watches Boti disappear into the night. Elric looks back at Elena, with the sleeping Priscilla in her arms.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Defeated.) I’m guessing we won’t need to be completing that mission, then.

Quoted from Player
Her eyes look at the floor and she doesnt have the will power to look at Darme at the eyes. Then she starts to cry.

Elric smiles softly, sadly. He walks over to Elena and tries to look her in the eyes.

Brother Darme, to Elena
There’s no reason to be sorry, I’m sure you only did what you needed to do. I can’t blame you for making a decision that you made yourself. We ought to see about getting Priscilla home as soon as possible. First thing in the morning?

Quoted from Player
She shows the emblem of the Knight-Captain to Darme and explains him what whappened in there.

Brother Darme, to Elena
You don’t have to go alone. (Elric smiles.) And I don’t think you’re in the best condition to go there alone, right now. It looks like taking Priscilla back to Steinroad will have to wait until after your “coronation.” It doesn’t sound like “Boti” has restricted your travel, so once that’s over, we can head back to Steinroad and drop Priscilla off there.

She said your father’s in the graveyard, huh? I wonder if that’s where the Assassins’ Guild headquarters is located. From asking around, I found out that the Baroness is connected to the Assassin’s Guild somehow; no doubt she finds something playfully ironic about having both father and daughter in her claws.

I’ll have to see what else I can dig up on her. Meanwhile, you might as well put your newfound capability to find out what you can about her, too. See if you can find a way around her contract to not “do anything against her.”