Quoted from Game Master
The dwarf shoots red with blood in his face, while Elric is still talking to him.

Elric ignores the wound and casts a Calm Emotions spell on the dwarf.

Brother Darme, to dwarf slaver
Well, that wasn’t polite at all. Now, if you’ll please just settle down, there’s no way we’re going to free you while you’re a threat to us, as you very clearly still are. Elena, if he tries to attack either of us again, or run, you have my permission to knock him out.

Just please don’t kill him unless he manages to get free. In which case, I doubt I could stop you, anyway.

Quoted from Game Master
Before he jumps at Elena’s sword arm mouth wide open trying to bite down … [snip] he misses horribly, landing face first against a plank of wood from the wagon.

Brother Darme, to Elena
Elena, please subdue the fool before he kills himself.

Quoted from Game Master
He’s rolling on the wagon’s floor, laughing [snip] while you two try to silence him.

Elric holds up a hand to stop Elena and watches the dwarf roll around on the ground.

Brother Darme
Elena, let him be. Tell me, sir dwarf, since you seem so confident, what have you *actually* managed to take from this life by force? What is it that you think you want that you actually think you can take?

What is it you … want from life?

Elric draws his mace and swings it down on the dwarf’s groin with full force.


Quoted from Player
Elena splits the bounty with Darme. [snip] “Delhat Eurnulere” she mutters. “I dont know what to do Darme… I really dont” she says in a angish tone.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Smiling sadly.) It seems there is an obvious course of action … in order to find out more about your father, you’ll need to speak with this Delhat character. And the most obvious way to do that … would appear to be making a name for yourself?

I’d be happy to help you in this regard, since he also seems to be in possession of Priscilla, though from his reputation, we may not have to worry too much for her condition before we arrange her release.

Anyway, I’m feeling rather fatigued at the moment, I think I’ll go back to the Church of Labona and see if I might offer my services there in exchange for a bed…