Quoted from Game Master
Reading the druidic markings left all around this clearing, he concludes that this must be it. This clearing must be where the druid comes to meet with his fellow circle members.

Elric sits down in the clearing and tries to make himself comfortable on the grass.

Brother Darme, to Luemus
Do we know the name of the druid we’re looking for? Perhaps if we called his name he might answer us. Or perhaps there’s a password in Druidic that you have to speak for him to recognize us as friends or allies.

Perhaps an offering needs to be made? I mean, we did slay two creatures upon our arrival here, perhaps we offended the druid? I dislike this situation. We’re in the middle of nowhere with no significant leads, and we’re out of time.

I’d prefer that wizard’s maze or a long road trip to a monastery over wandering around blindly in the wilderness. If we must endure the full moon, I say we do it and return to Steinroad and take one of our other options.

Quoted from Game Master
Luemus cannot make out which day exactly, it is in a language that is a derivative of Druidic. Maybe the circles’ local dialect.

Elric speaks calmly as he sits in the grove.

Brother Darme, to the group
If Luemus’s interpretation of those runes is correct, then we have no idea how long we will have to wait for this druid circle. “In the days following…” if awfully vague. It could refer to the full moon, or it could refer to the *new* moon.

Or one of the equinoxes. Or some other obscure holy day.

These druids may only meet once a year, once a decade, or even once a century. If they’re elves, or a similarly long-lived race, well … they may meet only once a generation, or when a new member is inducted into their order.

Luemus, do you have any suggestions? Do we have any reason to stay here and wait? The whole point of coming to the druid was to expedite the process of recovery, and clearly, there’s been nothing expeditious about this venture whatsoever.