Quoted from Game Master
“Few people can afford to buy anything like that. And even fewer tailors would work with such materials. [snip] He lives in the slums. He’s a strange one, some tailors call him insane.”

Elric does his best to piece together the bits of information he’s gathered, and stops by the church of Labona before he heads to Tasolye’s shop in the slums. He makes sure to let several people at the church know where he’s headed in case Elena goes looking for him.

Brother Darme, to himself
How exactly does one become known as an “insane tailor?”

Elric shakes his head in disbelief.

Quoted from Game Master
“Oh, don’t try anything stupid cleric. We know of you. You shouldn’t poke your nose into things that doesn’t concern you.” The other man says pointing his crowsbow at you as well.

Sense Motive
19+9 = 28 for a “hunch”

Elric’s fingers clench on the walking stick he’s carrying. Between the two men, he was sure at least one of them would leave as soon as he got what he wanted, but he wasn’t so sure about the one pointing the crossbow at him. He was hard to read.

Elric thinks he might be able to take at least one of them, but it would be foolish to act before knowing the whole situation. He decides to bide his time … for now.

Brother Darme, to armed man
Know about me? Goodness gracious! I’ve only just arrived in town! Surely I’m not as famous as all that!

((Elric prepares to cast Obscuring Mist if the situation starts to look bad.))

Quoted from Game Master
“You are a no-name and you’ll just disappear like all other no-names. No one will ever wonder what happened to you, no one will look for you.”

Rushed Diplomacy
1d20+8 (18-10)
11+8 = 19 (oh well…)

Brother Darme, to armed man
(Smirking.) Well then, that ought to make it easier for you to forget you ever saw me, and leave this place without causing a mess then, won’t it?

When Elric realizes his Diplomacy surely failed, he laughs abruptly.

Brother Darme, continued
Perhaps I should have tried intimidation instead. You must realize that you’re no match for me, and I will be forced to take you alive. I’m sure your master won’t be the slightest bit pleased with you about that.

Elric Initiative
4+5 = 9