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“Did you found anything about the piece of cloth?”

Elric is silent for several moments. He seems to be having a very difficult time choosing the words to say.

Brother Darme, to Elena
I think I saw … your father. When I came to ask this man about the cloth, two men came in and robbed the shop. They took a valuable magical cloak fashioned from dragon’s hide, and the shopkeeper’s assistant, Victoria. I intended to stop them, but I heard one man call the other … “Sir Artalel.” After what you told me in the bounty hunter’s office, I thought it wise to refrain from fighting him.

Elric gestures to the man tied up on the floor, and the armor and sword.

The henchman he left behind I managed to beat, but with a bit of luck. I stripped him of his equipment, which you’ll find here. Apparently, he and your father are working with a group of assassins called the “Grey Cloaks.”

To answer your question, when I asked the shopkeeper about this scrap of cloth, he mentioned that it’s probably the work of his apprentice, who abandoned magical crafting to pursue exotic tailoring in the nobles’ district. I thought I might bargain for the shopkeeper’s help, but as you can see … there’s something well and truly … well, let’s just say I wasn’t able to gain his promise of aid.

Elric is visibly shaken by the encounter, though he says nothing to reveal his personal thoughts.

Quoted from Player
“My…FATHER? The Graycloaks?? Assassins?”

Brother Darme, continued
(Being careful not to say her name out loud.) I think it’s best if we moved the no-name “Grey Cloak” and continued our conversation in a different location.

Elric takes Elena aside once the reach the Church of Rabona.

Brother Darme, continued
The only lead that I’ve got right now is that a man named Samodu, who was apparently the mad tailor’s apprentice, designed the cloak this fabric is from. It’s all I have to go on when it comes to finding whoever attacked Alice.

According to Taysolye, Samodu works in the nobles’ district, but I’m not sure I can get there without getting in trouble with the authorities … I have a lead as to how to get there, though. A woman named Boti, who’s said to frequent the graveyards at night. Other than that, I don’t have much to go on.

Elric heads straight to Alice, dragging Elena behind him.

Brother Darme, continued
Alice, do you recognize the name Samodu? Perhaps as a tailor or clothing-designer?