Quoted from Game Master
The mists rises and takes shape in front of you until it solidifies itself into a pale and beautiful woman. She kneels down and sits herself next to you, her touch is soft, yet very cold, colder than the night.

Elric’s head starts to clear and he finds himself sitting on the ground in the graveyard … the last thing he remembered was listening to a hauntingly beautiful song. He goes to stand up when he realizes someone is sitting with their back to him.

Brother Darme, to the stranger
Are you Boti? (Her words slowly drift into Elric’s mind.) I… uh. I spoke to Taysolye, a tailor, and he told me that I’m probably looking for his apprentice … Samodu, who he thinks works in the nobles’ district. I don’t have the necessary … er … whatever I need in order to enter the nobles’ district, and Taysolye said I might talk to you about arranging for that type of … thing.

Elric shakes his head, but his mind remains muddied, despite attempting to clear it. He feels a growing sense of terror just being near the woman.

Knowledge (religion)
18+8 = 26

The combination of her appearance and abilities suddenly clicked in Elric’s mind … the woman was a vampire … an unholy abomination … unnatural … undead. At first his sense of duty to destroy such creatures flares up, but then an overriding sense of fear causes him to realize that he doesn’t stand a chance against the creature.

Finally, his sense of duty reminds him that if he dies, he can’t help anyone. Darme steels himself for the conversation. His augury had said “weal,” after all.

Quoted from Game Master
“But you will have to promise me an equal compensation for my service,” she whispers into your ear.

Elric moves to stand up, no longer comfortable with the situation.

Brother Darme, to the vampire
What kind of compensation? If you know I’m a cleric, then you ought to know that I won’t do anything illegal.

“There’s always another way,” Elric thought to himself. “If this doesn’t work, you can think of another way. Don’t let her play you … don’t let her get into your head. If she’s trying to twist you, that just means she thinks she can get away with it.”

Elric inhales and exhales, concentrating on keeping himself calm. “She can’t do anything to you. She has no power over you unless you give her power over you.”