Quoted from Game Master
“No, I shouldn’t be here … Where is my brooch?” [snip] She looks bewildered, frightened and just in shock.

Elric maintains a calm voice while he speaks to the woman. Any trace of vulnerability that he had before vanished the moment he sensed he was needed.

Brother Darme, to woman
You’re safe here, right now. What’s your name? I can help track down whoever attacked you if you think they stole your brooch.

Rushed Diplomacy
1d20+8 (18-10)
18+8 = 26 Diplomacy check

((This Diplomacy check is just to try to get her to cooperate … you know, answer questions, stay put rather than run out the door, listen to advice, etc.))

Quoted from Game Master
“Alice … I belong to the house of Draendmor. I need to go back, but without my brooch I am going to get punished and scolded.”

Elric gets the attention of the nearest member of the clergy, if available.

Brother Darme, to cleric
This poor woman looks like she’s been abused. Can your church offer her sanctuary while I find out what’s happened?

Elric turns back to Alice.

Brother Darme, to Alice
The brooch, is it valuable or does it look valuable? Is it yours, or was it perhaps borrowed? Do you know why someone would take it?

Elric slows down in asking questions.

Brother Darme, continued
Is there anything you need right now? Something to drink, perhaps?

Game Master calls for Spot and Gather Information checks.

20+4 = 24 (natural 20 on an untrained skill check, huh?)

Elric notices a scrap of cloth in Alice’s hand.

Brother Darme, to Alice
May I have that, Alice? (He points to the cloth.) It looks like it might be a piece of the attacker’s clothing. I’ll need to find out more. Also, can you tell me who you were delivering the brooch to? A friend of your mistress, perhaps?

Elric thinks about where he saw the attack take place, and the direction he saw the attacker go. He asks around the church to find someone knowledgeable of the city and tries to find out what kind of cloth it is … whether it’s from a shirt, or a cloak, or something else.

Gather Information
10+9 = 19