Quoted from Game Master
Elric swoops down on him with his mace, knocking him down onto the ground. He’s bleeding to death from the crushing blow.

Heal check
4+11 = 15 (first aid)

Elric tends to “no-name’s” wounds and ties him up. He uses Cure Minor Wounds to make sure the man doesn’t bleed to death. Then he turns to Taysolye.

Brother Darme, to the tailor
Taysolye, is it? I’ve subdued the man, there’s no need to hide anymore. He’s not a threat. Can you tell me what this was about?

((If the Taysolye looks calm enough to talk, Darme will use Diplomacy at the standard “requires-1-minute-of-talking-to-do” pace.))

Quoted from Game Master
“Its a crime, I need to inform the merchants guild of such robbery!” He motions with his arms while he’s being all dramatic.

Elric cautiously pulls out the scrap of fabric he got from Alice and holds it in front of him. He slowly moves towards Taysolye and speaks calmly, trying to keep the tailor’s attention long enough to ask his question.

Brother Darme, continued
Taysolye, I found this piece of cloth. I think it’s from a cloak. Have you ever seen anything like it? Have you made a cloak using fabric like this?

Elric holds out the scrap of cloth for Taysolye to take.

Quoted from Game Master
“Hey do you want to order a nice piece of clerical vestment with magical properties? I could make you some if you bring some materials.”

Elric looks down at the tattered vestments he’s wearing, feeling self-conscious for the first time he can remember.

Brother Darme, continued
(Stuttering.) Er… no, why do you ask? Is there something wrong with these?

Elric holds up part of the torn vestment almost as though he’d never seen it before.

Brother Darme, continued
Er… anyway. This student you mentioned, Samodu, who exactly does he work for? I think he may be involved in something dangerous, and I’d like to ask him some questions.

Quoted from Game Master
“If you’ve got the right contact you can get into anywhere in this city. Of course you gold bag better be filled with gold…”

Diplomacy check
8+18 = 26

((I figure it’s been long enough that this hasn’t needed to be rushed.))

Brother Darme, continued
You say this apprentice of yours … er … “stole your knowledge?” And, if I have the right contact, I can get anywhere in the city? Can you help me get into the nobles’ district so I can speak with your wayward student?