Brother Darme, to Elena
(With a sigh.) Why don’t they realize it’s easier to talk about these things rather than fight? Is there any way we can positively identify this orc as the bandit we’re looking for? Just because he’s surly doesn’t mean he’s the right bandit.

I would think that for a lone bandit to have made it this long on his own, he might have been smarter. (Elric glances over at Elena and shrugs.) Too much to ask for, for the bandit to give himself up without a fight?

(Elric sighs again.) Well, at least it was over quickly, and neither of us got hurt.

Quoted from Player
“We are one step closer to our goal. Do you want to see the matter with the suplies of should we get him back to the city?”

Brother Darme, to Elena
I feel like a thug. Ambushing people, even bandits, in the woods like this.

It’s dark, I think we should head back to the city and turn this bounty in, assuming this is the right bandit, after all.

Quoted from Player
“Indeed, we should head back then” she says…

Brother Darme, to Elena
The bounty stated they just wanted the orc bandit dead, right? I wonder if they’ll be annoyed when we bring him in alive. (Elric chuckles.) You know, I bet if I weren’t determined to meet foes honorably, I’d be a terrifying bounty hunter.

Well, we would … as a bounty hunter duo. Tomorrow, perhaps we should see if this map leads to where he’s stashed the rest of the items he’s stolen. If it is, we ought to try and return the stolen items to their respective owners.

Quoted from Game Master
You head back towards the town.

Elric donates 10% of the fees he received from the bounty hunting mission (15 gp/1500 sp) to the Church of Labona. He then sets out into the city with some money for the alcohol he’s inevitably going to have to buy to coax information out of the locals regarding the Baroness Itanowara or “Boti”.