Quoted from Yamaneka
I’m guessing you can see me for what I truly am. I should ask you what YOUR intentions are. Why are you hear? Why do you care so much about this village, huh? How do you know I couldn’t really destroy you, if I wanted to? Just because you’re smart enough to see throug my magic doesn’t make you smart enough to beat me.

Inara orders Santa to get behind her. As a matter of fact, i don’t even care about this town. or anybody hee. or you, you stupid priest. I’m just trying to avoid a certain someone, and I need allies.

so if you don’t mind, i’ll gladly take your bath and room and food, since you offered, and in the morning, i think i’ll leave this town alone. just because you asked so nicely.

Brother Darme, to Inara
I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, since you hardly seem to be in a position to do anything to this town, much less destroy it. You said you were avoiding someone … a slave owner? Or was that a lie?

Elric crosses his arms and prepares hold person in case Inara tries anything strange or hostile, or tries to get away.

Brother Darme, continued
The food and room are yours, as is the bath. As you said, I offered them to you. I’m going to keep an eye on you and make sure you hold to your word, regardless of what your other intentions might be.

Quoted from Yamaneka
Not that it’s any of your business, but im avoiding my father. He’s a demon, you know. he could Probably tear you in half, easily. coming from that town you mentioned … yervals, tha twas a lie. also, i’m not really a beggar, but i think you figured that out on your own.

oh, you’ll keep an eye on me, huh?

(circa Round 5-10)

Combat rages in the basement beneath the tavern, while Elric helps Inara to her room. She surprises him by casting a spell to escape.

4+8 = 12 … FAILED

Whatever spell it was that Inara cast, Elric wasn’t awake long enough to figure it out. With a sigh, he sank to the floor, unconscious.

Fighting continues downstairs, but Elric has been rendered unconscious by a rogue player character wizard.

(circa Round 15-20)

Elric awakens and picks himself up off the floor. He glances quickly around the room. He sees the bathtub and an open window with the drapes fluttering in the breeze. He moved to the window and looked outside, but couldn’t see Inara anywhere. He was wondering how long he’d been unconscious when he heard yelling and the sounds of a combat coming from downstairs.