Brother Darme, to Elena
No need to worry about me, there’s no danger. I needed some time to ponder our current situation and meditate. I probably look a lot worse than I feel right now. (Elric smiles.) I think I may need to sleep in the cart today.

Elric prays in the morning and prepares his spells as usual, helps Elena and Priscilla break camp and get under way.

Quoted from Player
Elena keeps talking for a while with Priscilla keeping an eye in Darme every now and then.

Brother Darme, to Elena
It seems as though the baroness is running a double life. On one hand, she is the goodly noble and on the other she’s her own rival, “Boti” a sort of bogeyman.

“Boti” runs the Assassin’s Guild, or she gives orders to the one who does. She takes bribes to pass laws. She helps the rich avoid jail. She makes people disappear, and she pulls the strings of a puppet government.

The baroness, on the other hand, feeds, clothes, and shelters the poor. Her influence in the court shields the wrongfully accused injustice.

When I approached her, I thought she might help me enter the nobles’ district so that I could confront the nobleman who purchased Priscilla, but now I understand that the “service” she was going to request of me is what she’s made you: her “knight-captain.” She wanted me to become her pawn, and I refused. Now, she’s got you.

Quoted from Game Master
A few days later you finally arrive at Steinroad. Rigaldo greets you heartly and he’s happy to see Priscilla well and safe.

One of the families has a rat problem and wonders if the heroes would be willing to solve it … their cat was overwhelmed by the amount of rats living underneath their home.

Brother Darme, to villagers
(Elric chuckles.) Those must be some rats, to overrun the cat’s territory. How long have the rats been plaguing your home and terrifying your cat?

Elric quickly accepts and asks a couple of quick questions about the infestation, how long it’s been going on, and if there’s been anything particularly strange going on.

Though he expects that it’s nothing more than a simple infestation of vermin, there’s always the chance that there’s something more sinister afoot, and he first tries to discern if that’s the case.

((Elric prepares Bear’s Endurance, Calm Emotions, and Sound Burst as his 2nd-level spells before descending into the basement. He prepares to cast Bear’s Endurance, Shield of Faith, and Divine Favor on himself if he spots a rat that’s really as big as the family described. If anyone else goes with him, he casts Bless first.))