Quoted from Yamaneka
While Elric is helping Inara up the stairs his hand must somewho brushes her arm, so that he would be able to feel her bare skin.

Inara does her best to conceal any notice of this, and continues along as though nothing is wrong, even if he probbly figured out there was an illusion. She acts normal, like a beggar. Whatever he does is based on him Inara orders Santa to stay just ahead of her and remain out of the way.

My name is Inara. A bath would be lovely, thought i must ask that you not tell anyone about my secret, and i must be allowed to bath by myself. a girl must have her modesty. Thank you brother priest. Perhaps my shining knight would tell me his own name?

If Elric noticed something odd about Inara when he was checking to see if there was anything he could do about the headache, he didn’t mention it. Instead, he continues as though he didn’t notice anything and gets the room and bath.

Brother Darme, to Inara
You may call me Brother Darme. It is what most people I know call me.

Once Elric and Inara are a safely out of earshot of the other people in the tavern, Elric steps back from Inara somewhat and regards her critically.

Brother Darme, continued
Now that we’re away from prying eyes and ears, I must ask: what are your intentions? Do you really intend to destroy this village? Because if that is truly your goal, I’d like to try and convince you otherwise.

Let’s just say that all those people down there are under my protection. And the protection of the owner of this establishment, and under the protection of my friends and allies. So if you want to destroy this village, there are really quite a few people you’re going to have to destroy first to accomplish your goal.