Quoted from Game Master
“Oh and the offer stands only tonight, if you return here I cannot guarantee your safe passage to or from here to meet me again as I will not offer the same deal twice.”

Brother Darme, to the vampire
Since this offer expires tonight, and you didn’t answer my question, I’ll ask again: what do you want me to do to compensate you for your help?

Quoted from Game Master
“I grow tired of your hesitation. A simple yes or no, is all I ask. I shall leave soon, so think carefully of your next words.”

Brother Darme, to the vampire
No. (Faint smile.) I thank you for taking the time to meet with me, and for generously offering to help me, however, I won’t accept an offer that I don’t fully understand. (Elric bows, slightly.) Have a pleasant evening.

Elric moves to leave the graveyard, trying to think of how best to go about entering the nobles’ district.

Quoted from Game Master
“A pity, if you would have accepted it would have been the fasted way to save Alice and especially Priscilla from the terror that’s waiting for her.”

Elric pauses, and turns back to address Boti.

Brother Darme, to the vampire
Funny, someone as powerful as you, threatening someone like me. I thought empty threats would be beneath … someone … like you?

Realizing that he’s alone, Elric feels better that Boti wasn’t there to hear his words, and he chides himself for being too confident. He turns and heads back to the church. He pauses for a moment in mid-stride.

Brother Darme, thinking out loud
I wonder why my divination said this event would yield good results? (He chuckles.) Maybe because I survived it.

He laughs and continues back to the church.

Quoted from Game Master
You are almost certain that Boti’s word ring at least some truth to it.

All the way to the back to the church, Elric considers his situation: Priscilla and the kobold attack, Elena and her father, Delhat Eurnulere, Alice and the mysterious attacker, Taysolye and Victoria, Samodu… and now Boti.

Elric knew that finding Priscilla was going to be a long shot the moment he found out she was brought to this city. Now, he was starting to think that saving Alice from the fate that awaited her would be similar.

He started to wonder if by helping Alice, he might be overstepping his bounds. If she was a slave, then by law he might be considered a thief for keeping her from her master. While he did not want to hand Alice back over to an abusive master, he reasoned that his actions had been rash from the outset.

If there was a way to help Alice, it wasn’t what he was doing now. He needed to face the fact that he wasn’t the one who could help Alice. He had neither the skills, nor the qualification to help her … and certainly not the “jurisdiction.” Now, it seemed to him that all he was doing was putting her in greater danger keeping her from her master.

When he finally climbs in bed, he finds sleep easily. Though he knows that the path he’s chosen will be difficult, he also knows that he can overcome any challenge that he might face.