Quoted from Game Master
Elric hears Boti’s familiar voice whisper in his ear. “Poor, poor Elric, inside the lion’s den helplessly caught within its power.”

Suddenly you feel alone, very much alone.

Elric grit his teeth, but slowly smiled to himself. The evil was there before he arrived. The evil would be there long after he was gone. There was no reason to be afraid. If the evil wanted to toy with him, then it wasn’t strong enough to destroy him.

So long as his prayers were answered, and his spells granted to him, Elric knew he could fight the evil that threatened to engulf the world. He looked up to the sky, with its boundless potential, and saw a reflection of himself … also with unlimited potential. There was no winning the war against evil. There was only winning the battle.

But he had known that when he got into the fight, a long time ago.

Quoted from Game Master
The messenger returns to you with a sealed letter [snip] The knight-captain shall wait for you at exactly 6 o’ clock.

Elric goes to Alice and explains the situation: neither he nor the Church can protect her from House Draendmor, and that House Draendmor is demanding her return. He apologizes for being unable to find the brooch for her, and asks her if there’s anything he might be able to do for her before she goes back.

Quoted from Player
“What did she meant Darme?” she said looking at the Cleric. She walks around Darme desesperate looking at Boti and the Kinght-Captain leave in the distance.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Darme shakes his head slowly.) There’s no reason to listen to her, she’s trying to goad us into doing something. As I told you, she offered to help in exchange for a service that she refused to mention. When I asked her what service she expected of me, she refused to tell me and gave me an ultimatum.

(Darme stops and tries to get Elena to look him in the eyes.) There are others who will need our help, we can’t afford to be reckless at this or any other stage. There are going to be people who we can’t save, and we have to keep moving forward, because if we stop doing our best to help each and every person we come across, then there will be no one else to stand up for them.

We have other leads, we have to see this thing through to the end. We can go to the merchant’s guild for help with Priscilla. In fact, we probably should have gone there first, rather than trying to do this on our own. Elena, we need to be here for each other to help Priscilla and Alice and Victoria. And anyone else who’s been taken by these monsters. Anything you want to talk about, anything you need to talk about, I’m here.