Celebrating Two Thousand Posts (Jan 10, 2012)

Maybe it’s the new year, I don’t know. Recently I started working on a massive re-organization of the website’s content to make it more accessible. I haven’t really taken the time to pat myself on the back, but the site recently passed two thousand blog posts (not including the comic), which is about two entries every three days.

You’ll notice there are more menus up top, and that’s mainly to help people find things. I blog about a lot of stuff, and I do mean a lot. It isn’t so much that my blog lacks a coherent theme or structure, but rather that my theme is Everything, and my structure is In The Order That Stuff Generally Comes To Mind.

In the interest of accessibility and whatnot, I took some time to figure out how many categories might help reduce the clutter of the site while also being broad enough to be interesting, while also being not-so-numerous that one look at the site’s massive content will frighten people away. Not so sure about that last one though.

Originally I came up with about a dozen potential categories though this afternoon it expanded to about twenty. I consolidated and redistributed content from several of them, bringing my potential menus down from eighteen to about sixteen. You can currently view about six of them but I may add more throughout the day.

It should really come as no surprise that this reorganization occurs alongside a fair number of other reorganization efforts I’ve made for the site. I really do want you to be able to find things, and so I’m reevaluating tags, categories, menus and so forth, for consolidation and redistribution. There’s tons and tons of content to explore.

Have fun poking around! Please forgive the mess!

edit: ‘Cause I was curious, I actually did the math to see about how many blog entries I’ve written since I started – the number I gave above is for the last year. Considering I began blogging regularly in September 2010, two thousand posts over a period of twenty-eight months is more like five posts every two days. That’s a lot of writing.