Quoted from Yamaneka
Inara and Santa round the last bend before reaching the steainroad. Inara orders her skeleton off the road and she casts silent image on herself and her skeleton, disguising themselves as a couple of ragged wandering refuges. She continues there walk until they reach the town, while she concentrates on the spell and pretends to have a bad headache.

To the first person she asks if there is a shelter for the homeless to go for her and her mute friend (Santa looks like a sick-looking man). She tells the person that her and her friend were badly treated by solddiers and her friend had his tongue cut out.

She tells Santa to open his mouth and he does and it looks like his tongue is a ll black and missing.

Anyway, she wants to know if there is a place for the homless to stay since they have nowhere else to go and are hungry.

Quoted from Yamaneka
Disguised as an old beggar with illusion (concentrating on her magic the whole time) Inara leads Santa around the small village to get a good look at its defenses.

She uses her magic to make herself belnd into the background so people don’t pay attention to her. she makes note of how many gards there are and where they seem to be posted.

she makes note of possible escape routes meanwhile and tries to figure out just how many people are livng here in case she might be attacked or overwelmed by angry townapeople at some point.

Inara thinks about her past. She remembers when her father used to teach her how to case a town and she makes an ugly face when she thinks about her father.

Wherever her father was, she hoped he was sufering eternal punshment for what he did. What he taught her was usedful, but she hated him for it. For herself and her mother

Quoted from Game Master
Elric will find a beggar asking for a place to stay and for food.

Elric looks over the beggars and wonders if they have come from Yervales. Perhaps they are slaves escaped from one of the nobles he knows. Maybe.

Bother Darme, to Inara
I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. I will pay for food for you and your friend and for lodging here, if you desire.

Are you alright? You look like you’re in some pain. I may have some magic to help relieve the pain. I don’t suppose you’re here from the slave city of Yervales?