Every time I pick up a new follower on Twitter, I archive the notification email. I mean I usually archive the notification email, but I also miss them sometimes ’cause they’re kind of rare. When I checked in on Twitter this morning (also kind of rare), I went over the list in a quick purge of people I was following who weren’t following me.

I follow more people than those who follow me, and I had to remind myself why that is — I follow a couple celebrities, and some Internet personalities who don’t recognize me for whatever reason (usually because I’m pretty much beneath notice). It took me completely by surprise when I realized who Guido Henkel was.

Not sure why he started following me, I just saw him on the list. I saw the little note under his name, clicked through to his blog / website, scratched my head, and then looked him up on Wikipedia. I mean, the guy totally has a Wikipedia page.

Anyway, whatever the reason for him following me on Twitter, I feel an obligation to give the guy a shout out on my blog. First of all, he’s a talented guy and a veteran of Black Isle Studios, and he worked on Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights, among others — I listed these one ’cause I played ’em.

In addition to being a game designer, he’s also a musician and a composer and a published author. His blog is here, at Guido Henkel dot com. Seriously, check it out. I don’t know why you read my blog and not his. I mean, he has a Wikipedia page. Call me shallow, but I know I don’t have a Wikipedia page. I just complain about stuff.

Anyway… still poking around his blog, looking at stuff. He’s got a KickStarter fund going too, I’ll probably check that out. And I totally just found this blog post of his with some behind-the-scenes stuff for Planescape: Torment.

Love the makeup design for the cover. Geeking out.