Quoted from Game Master
“Samodu … yes, he’s done a fashion collection for my mistress.”

Brother Darme, to Alice
Is there any way I could arrange to meet with him? I have some questions I’d like to ask him. I understand it’s difficult to get into the nobles’ district unless one has the proper connections … do you know anyone who might be able to help?

Quoted from Game Master
…you find a Grey rose stuck in his outfit. Checking on his life sign you find him cold. He is dead.

Brother Darme, to Elena
(Sighing.) And our lead on your father is dead.

Elric stares at the floor. He takes a deep breath and releases it.

Brother Darme, continued
We’ve still got a couple leads. There’s the Boti woman in the graveyard that I can meet with, though that may turn out to be expensive if I can’t convince her to cooperate.

That leaves us with “rising through the ranks” of this bounty hunter organization, but I’d like to think of that as a last resort. Who knows how much time it might take to do these things? This feels like a wild goose chase.

Quoted from Game Master
The church offers you shelter and bed as well as dinner. Alice accompanies you all the way to dinner before she heads to her room to rest.

Elric accepts the meal and thanks the Church of Labona for their hospitality. He makes a donation from selling the equipment and collecting the bounty.

After taking an hour or so after dinner to meditate on the events of the day, Darme decides to use an Augury divination before going to meet with Boti. He has been feeling somewhat lost while trying to help Priscilla … and he’s no longer certain if what he’s doing has any bearing on his quest.

Darme retrieves his set of divining sticks from his equipment, and lights some incense. He takes the next minute or so to perform the augury.

70% + 1% per CL success
(Rolled secretly by DM)

For the action of “meeting with Boti,” Darme receives an answer of “weal.” He takes several minutes more to pray and gives thanks for his answer. Then, forsaking sleep, he gears up and heads off to the graveyard to meet with the mysterious Boti.