Some of you may have noticed that I have added and revised several of the pages on the site. I’m in the process of consolidating numerous categories of blog entries and creating additional pages for your browsing pleasure. I’m also working on getting the webcomic back on the site. I’m not sure why it disappeared again.

You will also notice that I’ve added a “Donate” button to the website, in lieu of advertisements, which proved to be a spectacular failure so recently. No offense to Project Wonderful or Zemanta, you were both wonderful, it just didn’t work out. It wasn’t you, it was me. Maybe we can still be friends?

Lame jokes aside, I’ve been paying for hosting out of pocket since the website went live in March 2010. There was no awkward phase in the beginning while I was using free hosting services before later packing up and moving to a paid host – I’ve been paying for it all along. Some of that is pride, but it’s mostly customer service.

I’m not offering you a sob story, and I’m not begging for handouts. I won’t threaten to take the site down. Norvendae is a labor of love – I do it for myself more than I do it for you. Now you can help keep it running if you like. I have self-respect and so do you. Donate only what you feel the site is worth to you.

Tax season is coming up, and that’s when people are statistically the most generous. The timing in this case is largely coincidental, mostly ’cause I wanted to wait until the new year to begin accepting donations so I wouldn’t have to report anything I might receive until next year. ‘Cause I’m lazy. Smart but lazy.

My hosting fees are about a hundred dollars a year. Based on various estimates I’ve seen around the ‘Net, my site is worth somewhere between fifty and six hundred dollars. That’s kind of flattering actually. I think it appears in the “Wayback Machine” now, one of those projects that archives and stores the entire Internet.

If you guys donate money in excess of my hosting fees, I’ll put it toward future upkeep of the site. If you donate a lot of money in excess, I’ll look into expanding it beyond what you see here. It’s sort of a one-and-a-half man show right now. I’m the sole contributor to the site, but I have help with the design.

A couple years back, I got a quote on a “face lift” for the site, which was a couple thousand dollars. I don’t know how much it would cost, but we’re talking about a professional designer with way more design experience than I have. That isn’t even the first thing I’d go for either. If you guys have suggestions, feel free to voice ’em.

…All six of you. *crickets chirp*