Quoted from Game Master
…Without any sound Elric feels impulses of selfishness…

Elric was deep in thought, when all his thought process seemingly paused for a moment. He was contemplating how he might help Elena overcome the magical contract that bound her to Boti … when it just seemed like … like too much work. Before he had met her, he had done fine on his own.

Elric’s thoughts changed from how best to help out, to how best to get out. He looked around at his surroundings and tried to determine how difficult it would be to abandon the two on the road and resume his comparatively carefree, wandering lifestyle. He would help people of his choosing, not get dragged into someone else’s quest for fame, glory, and power.

Because, he reasoned, why else wouldn’t Elena have resisted Boti’ offer? She had given up far too easily. His mind raced with possibilities … how could he get away? Get away from the sad excuse for a crusader who shirked her beliefs and sided with evil at the first opportunity? How long would it be before she turned on him? He couldn’t let that happen. He would never join the forces of darkness. He had to escape. He had to somehow escape without being caught.

Feigning sleepiness, Elric prepared for bed, all the while secretly packing up his belongings. He fidgeted with his gear the way one might expect of a tired person. He carefully set his gear out of sight and made as if to relieve his bladder before bedding down. He doubled back out of sight of the camp, and scooped up his gear, and quietly made off into the night, leaving none the wiser.

What would Elena and Priscilla do? If he was lucky, with all the bandits on the road, they’d be taken captive or enslaved, or killed. Priscilla the tainted one, and Elena the fallen one. What a pair they made, indeed.

Quoted from Player
If Darme doesnt make any noise, Elena will be still sleeping.

A little over an hour later, Elric felt his senses slowly return. He looked at the night sky overhead, and tried to figure out what he’d been doing. He looked around and wondered how he might have been able to convince himself to abandon Elena and Priscilla before he turned around and headed back along the road to camp.

Elric chided himself on the foolish, irresponsible decision, and vowed to himself that he wouldn’t abandon Elena or Priscilla under any circumstances. He hoped to make it to camp with enough time to sleep before setting out in the morning, but the walk and the night air helped him realize how important it was for him to help Elena.

That he might consider leaving her to her fate forced him to realize how much time and energy he’s already invested in her, despite the short time they’d traveled together. He knew he couldn’t possibly continue his pilgrimage until her freedom was restored.

Endowed with a new sense of purpose, Elric found his way back to camp, and tried to bed down without waking anyone.