Quoted from Game Master
…you find out that this church in the slums in indeed the church of Labona. [snip] In this dirty place you find children smiling and forgetting all the horrible things that are outside the church.

Elric finds himself sitting outside the Labona church. The sights and sounds of the city are overwhelming, to say the least. All around he can practically feel the despair and the hopelessness of those enslaved, and for the first time in months, Elric’s faith wavers, however slightly.

Elric thinks back to the conversation he had with Elena when they the dwarf Maib’tzch and collected the bounty.

Quoted from Game Master
While walking on the main street… [snip] …you see a … woman on the ground, bleeding to death.

Elric rushes to the woman’s side and prepares a healing spell.

Brother Darme, to woman
What happened? Can you hear me?

((If she’s already unconscious when he reaches her, Darme casts Cure Light Wounds. If she’s still conscious, he uses first aid instead. If she’s unconscious, Darme takes her to the nearest safe place he can think of, which would probably be the Church of Labona. If she’s still awake, he offers to escort her wherever she needs to go.))

Heal check
16+11 = 27 to perform first aid

Quoted from Game Master
She’s unconscious and thus when she awakes she’s in the church of Labona. “Where am I?”

Elric is sure to thank anyone who helps him while tending to the injured woman. When she awakens, he steps forward and identifies himself.

Brother Darme, to woman
My name is Darme. You’re in the Church of Labona. You’re alive. I witnessed your attack and brought you here where I thought you might be safer while you recovered.

Elric gives her a moment to breathe.

You nearly died. Do you know why you were attacked?