When the game master originally invited me to join the campaign, it was to help revitalize a game whose players were idle or had lost interest. Elric “joined” the party with the understanding that he had a certain set of skills necessary for the party, and that changed once he and Elena became the only party members.

By the time the game had attracted a couple new players, I’d had more than a few arguments with the game master about what I saw as “god-modding.” It’d be one thing at an actual table where I could defend my character’s actions and take full control, but the GM was taking actions for my character that went against his interests.

Once there were four of us, I faced the opposite problem. Our GM began to ignore my character, except to chime in when one of our new players complained that Elric was or wasn’t doing something. Elena’s player was sympathetic but only had the barest idea of what was going on behind the scenes via Skype and Private Messages.

Not fun times.

Quoted from Player
I’m going to assume that you and our human friend over there are only going to change once a month.

Brother Darme, to Luemus
I think I spoke a little too dramatically. You’ll have to forgive me, I’m still a little groggy from my own encounter. We don’t know much, and right now, all we have to go on is the word of Ophelia, here.

I don’t doubt that this wound is serious, but I must point out again that we don’t know for sure what that creature is that bit, nor the effects of its bite.

Quoted from Player
“We need … wolfbane…” She starts to walk to the nearest chair and stares at the void.

Elric stands and follows Elena as she sits down. He crouches by the chair and tries to get her to look into his eyes.

Brother Darme, to Elena
I think what you need now is bed rest. Let me treat the disease, and I’ll see what other information I can glean about the nature of this creature and the possible side effects of its cursed bite.

I’m not going to abandon you to this fate, or any other. I’ll help you fight Boti, and I’ll help you fight this, too. We just don’t know enough yet.

Elric spends much of his time meditating on the recent events. He goes over articles acquired on his travels, and he remembers the strange oils and potions given to him by the druid as thanks for saving the village of the “Praying Monkey.”

Having never given them much thought before, Elric finds a secluded spot where he will be alone, lights some incense and prepares to identify the potions via divination.