Quoted from Yamaneka
Oh, thank you dear. Yes my friend and I would very much appreciate your help. Don’t mind him, dear, his tongue’s been cut out. And as a matter of fact, yes, we have come from the slave city up north.

We had a very mean master you overworked us, cut my friend’s tongue out, and when he was done, kicked us out on the streets. It was all we could do to make our way hear without getting captured and sold back into slavery.

Oh what a hard life we’ve had.

Inara leans very close to the priest to whisper to him. You look like a trustworthy fellow, I’ll tell you a secret. I’m really a beutiful mage in disguise as a beggar while I scope this town out to see if I can destroy it.

Backing away from the priest again, she continues.Anyway, your help is very much appreciated and I look forward to getting well soon under your care!

Elric shrugs off his confusion as merely the beggar’s insanity. He’s not sure what to think about the “secret” she’s told him, but if anything she’s said is true, he imagines her abuse at the hands of a slave-owner being the most realistic.

Brother Darme, to Rigaldo
Do you think perhaps I could get a room, some food, and maybe a hot bath for these two, here? I’ll cover the costs, no worries.

Brother Darme, to Inara
By the way, what is your name? And, I might add, how does a hot bath sound?

Once lodgings are secured, Elric offers the two upstairs and/or to the bath, being careful to help Inara up the stairs if she needs it, in her condition.

Quoted from Player
“…there is a rather large hole in the wall … we’re not sure where it leads but our cleric friend,” with a nod in darme’s direction, “made it watery enough no one really wants to find out. Any guesses?”

Elric takes extra, special care not to acknowledge anything the rude person at the bar says, and focuses directly on helping out the beggars.