I was struck by an idea a few minutes ago.

“Problem.” I searched my blog. I’ve used the word in some two hundred sixty different posts. I find problems with lots of different things. I do it with game design, I do it with life. “Problems.” I thought about my research and various experiments. I observe and discover problems. I suggest solutions, and I experiment.

I use the “game design” tag far, far too much when I should be more discerning about the content of my posts. I make observations, I discover problems, I suggest solutions, and I perform experiments. In my previous entry, I made my first use of the “problem” tag. It’s one I should use often, I need to ditch lots of “game design” tags.

I’m going to go back through older entries and try to tag “problem” entries. Posts where I try to articulate a problem, I’ll add the “problems” tag. Maybe at some point I can go back and tag “observations” (though that one’s more difficult to discern from problems) along with “experiments,” and “solutions” (proposed or otherwise).

We can call it a step on my journey to become a “game-ologist.” I don’t know what those guys who study game theory are, and our fields are related (even if they aren’t strictly the same). Problems, experiments, solutions. Hm. Ideas to live by.

The gaming table is my laboratory, and I am my primary test subject. Science!

I’m always working on this site and all, trying to improve it, trying to add more resources. You may have noticed I reorganized some things, moved some posts around, created some additional links. There’s “Roleplaying” menu, with links for my character “Elric Darme,” Scales of War, Goldstruck! and The Maltese Grimalkin.

I also updated “Game Resources” to include a link to my Third Edition Concealment alternative. It’s handy for speeding up combat encounters! I think I might eventually fold “Seven States” into my “About This Site” menu, and include links for a couple of the other projects I’ve had up on the website.

I suppose if I ever finish up enough stuff to make it worth adding new pages, I could split “Game Resources” into Arkham Horror and Dungeons & Dragons.

So much to do, so much to do…