Since my goal isn’t to report the events of the campaign so much as my character’s own actions and reactions (along with relevant contextual information), I will include the notes I provided to the game master for assessing combat rounds but not the subsequent rounds of combat as they played out.

There are a couple reasons for this beyond what I’ve given. I fought tooth-and-nail with our game master during (and after) every single combat encounter that took place. In almost every encounter, I felt he either ignored my wishes, or else used “creative interpretation” to use my character to his own devices.

While I found the opportunity to defend my character’s goals and intents through the many, many conversations that followed, I have none of the chat logs to share here.

Sometimes I persuaded our game master to alter the consequences of my character’s actions to something befitting my clearly stated intents, but often enough he shouted me down, ignored me, or twisted events even further to our party’s disadvantage.

These shenanigans (and more!) eventually led to my abandonment of the game.

Quoted from Game Master
The party travels for 4 days… [snip] The human shouts: “Attack them, take everything from them, oh don’t forget to take the girl prison…”

Elric Initiative
2+5 = 7

What follows is a projection of Elric’s actions for the first five rounds of combat, including tactics and goals, alternative actions, and according dice rolls.

Round 1
action: cast Hold Person on human slaver
10+6 = 16 vs. Will

“You! (Points to the human leader.) Stop this instant! (Then, to the others.) See that the gods have willed him to stop! You should all follow suit, or I shall call down the power on each and every one of you!”

Round 2
action: skill check – “rushed” Diplomacy
1d20+9 (19 – 10 “rushed”)
11 + 9 = 20 vs. (assumed “hostile”) targets
(This should be enough to change their attitude from “hostile” to “unfriendly” and either delay, or maybe even halt the attack entirely.)

action: sustain Hold Person
17+6 = 23

Round 3
a) if it looks like the battle’s continuing, cast Shield of Faith +2 on Elena

b) otherwise, rushed Diplomacy again
1d20+9 (19-10)
11+9 = 20 vs. (assumed “unfriendly”) targets

Round 4
a) if it looks like the battle’s continuing, cast Bull’s Strength on Elena

b) otherwise, keep the slavers talking

Round 5
a) if it looks like the battle’s continuing, cast Sound Burst and try to hit as many slavers as possible:

= 24 vs. Fortitude (stunned)
= 13 vs. Fortitude (stunned)
= 21 vs. Fortitude (stunned)
= 9 vs. Fortitude (stunned)

7+0 = 7 sonic damage

b) otherwise, keep ’em talking