Quoted from Game Master
Returning to Rigaldo you get the name “Luciela” … [snip] … my personal emblem of the merchant guild… [snip] He provides the heros with a small wagon and even a mule that will drag the wagon.

“I suggest you to go to that city and look for Sister Latea in the Church of Labona. Mention my name and she’ll surely help you.”

Brother Darme, to Rigaldo
I assure you, we will do the best that we can, within our power, to return Priscilla to you unharmed. I scarcely understand why she was abducted to begin with, but I will make it a personal quest to bring her back.

Brother Darme, to Teresa
Thank you for your help, Teresa. I should like very much to repay you but I don’t how how to properly thank a bard of your caliber. If you ever need my help, please let me know. May our paths cross again. (Elric gives Teresa a nod of respect.) Now that I think of it, I did tell you of my encounter with the black dragon, didn’t I? Perhaps the tale of my foolishness will serve adequate recompense.

Quoted from Player
“Darme, our course is clear now. We need to go to this city of Yervlas…” She shaked her head to clear her mind. “I think you should keep the emblem Darme…”

Elric accepts the emblem.

Brother Darme, to Elena
Since we will be traveling together, I think it would be wise to fill you in on the extent of my abilities, particularly because it seems likely that we will encounter armed conflict on our travels. Also, I must tell you that I will use these powers to enhance your own on the condition that you don’t use them to take life, under any circumstance.

I can heal moderate or even deep wounds, using the power of the divine. I can infuse your muscles with vigor, or bolster your body’s natural fortitude. I can sharpen your senses, or instill you with greater courage and self-confidence. If you find yourself depleted, physically, or mentally, I can restore you, though the greater the extent of the damage, the longer the restoration process will take.

Quoted from Player
“I can’t make a promise like that. What kind of life? Humans? elves? Kobolds or Orcs? I asure you… if someone means to harm me or my people, They will get my sword through their hearts, unless they give me a very justified reason for not to. In any case, I’ll will tell you when I can keep such a promise, but right now I wont lie to you.”

Brother Darme, to Elena
You must have suffered a great deal of pain to assume such a stance. (Elric smiles sadly.) I hope I can give you a justified reason: evil only begets more evil. Taking the life of an intelligent being only adds suffering to the world, contrary to what you might think.

I propose then that we approach each battle in our own way, and we see which of our methods seems the most useful. If in the next battle, your method proves to achieve the best results, then I will support you in whatever way I can. However, if my approach yields effective results, I urge you to reconsider.