Astrology is in my mind, a pseudoscience however it is based on observation. I don’t buy in to the idea of astrology defining the character of a person just as I don’t buy in to the idea that a rooster’s crow causes the sun to rise. These things coinciding doesn’t make one the cause of the other. But I do respect the research.

For a couple thousand years, astrologers have been people-watching. Taking copious notes and piling on information about the behavior and disposition of people based upon the stars, seasons, and generations. In some ways, astrology is simultaneously a more personal and more archetypal kind of history.

Let me explain why I think so.

To me, most people are mostly the same. Some people stand out from the crowd, but due to the fact that people share the same biological needs, they also share drives and to an extent, desires. This is of course a broad generalization with exceptions too numerous to list, but I think biological similarity supports behavioral similarity.

Different cultures sprang up around the world that have prioritized many of the same values in different ways. Basic differences such as “Eastern versus Western” schools of thought regarding the prioritization of individuality versus cooperation. Both philosophies value both drives but generally prioritize them differently.

The point of that is to describe that people are mostly the same. I would extend this to say that “people have mostly always been pretty much the same, and that only the vaguest of contextual differences have lent them degrees of individuality.” To complain that one generation has it better or worse is to ignore new or evolving challenges.

So, with people being mostly the same being established, let’s continue.

People are changeable and are affected by their environment. Environment includes everything from weather (such as climate and the changing of seasons) to wealth and social status (based on nation, circumstances of birth, and time period). People also tend to adapt their behavior to their changing circumstances.

Based on this, one can assume that based on people growing and maturing at about the same rate, their development being modified by the attitudes of the people around (that behavior itself being based on the environment) will undoubtedly give rise to observable similarities. Such observations also help to ensure such an outcome.

Children born during the summer will be cared for by people under the influence of summer, while children raised during hard times will no doubt acquire a set of values modified by the conditions in which they become accustomed. The position of the planets and the stars coincide with moments in human history but don’t affect it.

What I would suggest is that some Capricorns don’t act like other Capricorns from different parts of the world with different socioeconomic circumstances who learned different priorities from different caretakers in different time periods, but that some observations of people with similar circumstances will be accurate.

I respect the observation astrology represents and some of its findings, however I remain exceedingly skeptical. I look to astrology occasionally when I need a change of pace or some relatively objective advice but I don’t make life decisions based upon a horoscope. I also think it’s generally short-sighted to completely disregard astrology.

…And that’s what I think about that.