You know, I’m thinking now that it might be time to update the old DEEP SEKH character sheets. I’ve been trying to think of a better way of approaching the problem, but there really isn’t one. I just need to build a new iteration of the characters. That’s the only way to quell this burning need to do something with the characters.

I’ve linked to the site a few times, but I don’t imagine anyone who reads on a regular basis (does anyone?) is familiar with the DEEP SEKH wiki. I updated the DEEP SEKH wiki regularly for almost two years if I remember correctly, providing information about character and tournament rules updates. It finally came to an end in 2009, I believe.

Anyway, Fourth Edition has given me some things to think about, and I think at this juncture I could probably create a highly effective tournament setting based around ideas borrowed not just from Third and Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, but from all the work I’ve done on the card game and my own game system.

It seems like now would be the time to do it — I have the technical knowledge to do a lot of these things, and honestly, it’s a matter of updating information that already exists, and layering on some new concepts. Maybe it will give me more ideas for later entries in Phosphoros, assuming it warrants a sequel (or perhaps even a series).

The problems I found creating DEEP SEKH characters toward the end of the tournament run — were that Third Edition characters were difficult to differentiate. Since every character used only their best statistics to fight, it worked out that everyone’s statistics were basically the same, and there was little to no variation.

Now I have some new ideas though, about statistics that can be altered from one round to the next to meet the needs of the players on a case-by-case basis, and hopefully make things a bit more interesting. I imagine hit points and powers will emerge largely the same, but a few things will be markedly different.

Hm, DEEP SEKH. It’s been a while.