Things have been hectic the last forever, while cookiemonger and I have been packing and moving things to the new apartment. Work continues on every conceivable project, with all the expected delays of such an endeavor.

First, an important reminder that a demo of the first chapter of our RPG Maker XV game Desiderata is available for download via Mediafire.

On my lunch break today, I found some time to work on Phosphoros, and in the process I made some much-needed tweaks to one of the first enemies encountered in the game, and I revised a great big chunk of things that won’t be seen in the game for like, ages. (Behind-the-scenes stuff like status effects and power descriptions.)

I finally broke down and made some more “standard” status effects, mainly intended for use by the player. The main problem I realized was that there wasn’t enough variation between some of the basic attack powers, and they needed to pack more of a tactical punch. And I haven’t sat down and figured out all the poisons yet.

Admittedly, one of the major factors slowing the work on Phosphoros (not to mention Desiderata) is the fact that my laptop, Thanatos, is on its last legs. After almost three years, my shiny black Dell laptop is just about kaput. It stuck with me for almost a year and a half of Rumors of War, and tons of writing before and after.

But the battery died almost two years ago, and now the hard drive is going.

Because I’m keeping backups of Phosphoros on Dropbox, I feel this anxiety whenever I work without an Internet connection. Just in case Thanatos goes well and truly silent.

Oh, and before I get completely off-topic, over the weekend I wrote an event for the traveling companions to join and/or leave the party as you encounter them throughout the region. The player has the option of adventuring with any of up to eight different companions over the course of the game.

I’ll discuss that a bit more in a later update.