I mentioned in my earlier post that I’m working on a game design tutorial over at the RPG Maker VX community forum, and you can find it here. I will eventually post the completed tutorial on my website as well, along with linking the tables I made (which are already here), but while in development, it’ll all be forum-exclusive.

The tutorial covers the basics of planning a long-form JRPG with the specific intent of using RPG Maker resources, and more specifically, VX and the RTP it comes packaged with. Though I reference some specifics to change in the database, like weapons, armor, items, skills, and status effects, I’m making it fairly low-impact.

I have a couple things in mind that I’m trying to accomplish with this expansive tutorial, the first of which is to educate RM users with the intent of improving the quality of RM games overall. To that end, I hope to develop an open-source database of sorts, which can be dragged and dropped into any new project and changed at will.

The open source database will enable many RM developers to overcome the initial hurdles of not being very good at math, and not being able to create a database or balance combat encounters. I can’t promise that will help anyone make a better game (and it certainly won’t help bad writing and graphics), but it will help playability.

In the process of providing these resources to the community (both the tutorial and database), I hope to get my name out there as a game designer and maybe even a consultant. I have talents and skills that I think would be of use to game developers, I just don’t really know any. It’s partly for my resume, and partly a marketing move.

Finally, the RPG Maker series of software applications has helped me in a big way — not only as a tool set for developing games, but for learning about game design and developing my skills as a designer. Even if I never finish a single RM project, I owe a lot to the tools for giving me the starting point for personal growth and development.

…And I’m going to cut this off here before it gets weird.