I’ve mentioned a “repeatable mystery adventure” a number of times over the last month or so, and that project has become Phosphoros: The First Paladin.

Phosphoros is an RPG Maker VX project I’ve been developing to showcase some of the ideas I’ve discussed on my blog, plus a lot of ideas I’ve had simply working with RMVX during the development of Desiderata.

Click here to find out where you can play the first chapter of Desiderata.

Phosphoros is a straightforward exploration/adventure game with a number of key features inspired by roguelikes and classic RPGs. For instance, rather than utilizing healing spells or magical potions to restore health, the player characters must rest to recover from their injuries. Hours and days pass, and the state of the world changes.

The party is attacked by a wandering monster!

Wandering monsters are a feature of Phosphoros. Unlike traditional random encounters, the wandering monster system is effected by the attention the player pays to the monster population. As time passes, monsters will lair in the surrounding region. Unless the player takes steps to deal with the growing number of monsters, they will become brazen and attack the player as they travel from one area to another.

The system is designed to provide a recurring challenge for the player, and thus the emboldened monsters that attack will scale in difficulty to reflect this — essentially, as the player proves a greater threat to the monsters, so they respond in kind with more and more powerful champions.

Each of the game’s four regions features a different sort of lairing monster, representing a different challenge for the player character. In addition to providing a challenge, these monsters also serve as representatives for the “local fauna,” and play a part in the unique culture of each region.

Finally, the monsters play an important role in the game’s apothecary system, and each has a venom (natural or supernatural) that the player must be prepared to overcome. Defeating the monsters and bringing the resulting trophies to the apothecary will enable the player to utilize the monsters’ venom in other battles.

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