Recently, I’ve posted about several of the features of Phosphoros: The First Paladin, but as the sole writer, designer, mapper, programmer, and producer, there have been some hard decisions to make, and some features I wanted have been cut for time.

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This complex development model is fairly accurate.

As a producer, you have to be willing to cut features, even features you really like, in order to make sure your product stays on schedule. You have to get used to saying, “save that one for the next game.” Also, ideas come up during the development stage that can push back your planned features – you have to get used to saying, “no.”

There comes a time in every development cycle where you have to stop adding new things, and focus on delivering what you’ve already promised.

One of those features unfortunately cut from Phosphoros was the shop/influence system that I worked hard to design – the problem was it ultimately clashed with other core gameplay elements. It divided the players’ attention and distracted “too much” from what they had already been given to do. The game had become “too sandbox.”

During my research into weaponry and metallurgy, I discovered that there was far, far more to weapon-crafting than I had allotted myself time to research. I ultimately have to settle for something a bit more ambiguous, but that’s where I decided I wanted to devote more time in the next project — metallurgy on par with the herbal remedies.

Which is also to say that I’ve made another big leap forward in my database updates – I now have item names and descriptions for all of the picks and axes (12 items total) that appear in the game, based on material and craftsmanship. I also got some ideas for “commodity items” (see also: “vendor trash”) for the player to find and trade.

I also have the information I need for the sickle-blade weapons that will appear in the game, but I haven’t had time to input them into the database just yet. I will try and find time for that this evening, maybe tomorrow. It’s nice to see this stuff coming together.

No doubt it will be even better in the next game.

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