I would totally include a screenshot of the completed bathhouse, but I don’t have an Internet connection for my work laptop at the moment. I think it’s worth noting that this map in particular has taken me a couple weeks, if only because I kept changing my mind about how I wanted to draw it – and what it was going to be.

Originally I had intended to create a small palace for the player to visit, but as I continued to develop the core mechanics for the game I got farther and farther from any sort of context that allowed for such a structure. Eventually I hit upon the idea for a bathhouse where the characters could relax and remove fatigue quickly.

The idea blossomed into one that has taken over almost one-fifth of the total locations the player can visit. Not all are baths of course, though bathing and hygiene is a recurring theme in the game – baths, springs, taverns, and eating halls all provide the characters with places to de-stress and decompress after adventuring.

And it isn’t just a big deal that I overcame this snag – it also marks something of a “thirty-percent completion” for my initial estimates for maps needed. When I started out, I figured on about twenty-six maps in total though I know I’ll have more than that by the time I finish. If that sounds like a lot, it’s ’cause they’re relatively compact.