Dragon Quest, updated for the Japanese Super N...

Dragon Quest, updated for the SNES

I didn’t put a whole lot of work into Phosphoros over the weekend, but I did sit down and play through several hours of the Dragon Quest remake for the Super Nintendo. That’s uh, “Dragon Quest I,” I guess. I don’t know much about the series.

From the walkthroughs I’ve glanced at, it seems I’m about halfway through the game now. My character, “StGeorge” is 15th level, and I’ve recently defeated the dragon and rescued the princess. The walkthrough I’m using suggests that I grind up to 30th level or so before trying to beat the final boss.

Beside the dragon and the golem, it doesn’t seem as though there are any other significant bosses or villains apart from the final boss. I’ve already collected the drops of sunlight and the staff of rain, I think (whichever one you get for collecting the Silver Harp). I have one more of the three artifacts to collect as far as I know.

I got this hankering to play a classic console RPG once cookiemonger started playing Breath of Fire, but since she was playing that, I wanted to try something else. I’m still hacking my way through The 7th Saga, but I’m playing Dragon Quest on my laptop.

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