Pfft. Silly me, I thought I had already posted these, but it seems as though I was sidetracked while I was working on them, and never posted the updated version. I seem to recall, and this is a pretty vague memory, I hadn’t decided on the Ethereal status, and was waiting for inspiration to strike.

The inspiration mostly arrived without fanfare. Without further ado:

Staggered -Natural
Can’t remove damage.

Harried -Primeval
Can’t use Escape or Cheer powers.

Crippled -Elemental
Can’t produce non-basic effects.

Disabled -Empyreal
Can’t use non-basic moves.

Battered -Ethereal
Can’t reduce damage.

Confused -Sidereal
Can’t use Engage or Block powers.

Weakened -Spectral
Can’t deal damage.

I think the only state that might need any sort of clarification is “Crippled,” which primarily refers to the hit, miss, critical, ongoing effect types, but is open-ended enough to encompass any unforeseen future effect types that I haven’t created.

There are actually four other status effects which aren’t listed here, Dazed, Stunned, Bloodied, and Helpless, but they haven’t changed much since I last posts them, and they aren’t among the “Top Seven” which are regularly and deliberately imposed by powers and effects.

The Dazed and Stunned states are rarely, if ever, used by player characters, and are almost always used to create antagonists for the players to overcome, and Bloodied and Helpless are ubiquitous to combat, being the primary method of removing enemies from play.

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