I’ve been taking a break from Dee Point Five and Norvendae to work on an article for Inside AX, which has taken me longer than I expected. Not sure if it’s my subject matter or my work ethic, but I’ve written three drafts and I’m not happy with anything so far.

Once I’ve finished that though, I’ll be sure to give you the link, and I’m going to see if I can’t be more active on Inside AX in the coming months.

Working with RPG Maker VX has been an experience. There’s a lot I recognize from the older version I’m used to, but there are some new features (and some removed features) that still catch me off guard. I’m really appreciative for the addition of the Ruby scripting thing, if only for its ability to bypass event and go straight to code.

I’ve submitted Norvendae to another RPG blog feed, but this one has a longer application process, so it may be quite some time before anything comes of it.

On the game system front – I’ve hit that seemingly inevitable wall that is represented by player choice not living up to my expectations. No matter which way I turn, it feels as though there should be more options available to the players, and that what’s there now isn’t enough. Simply put, I’ve been spoiled by Fourth Edition.

Even knowing how empty most of the choices are in Fourth Edition, it still feel like there’s a lot of choice there, and I can’t get away from that. It’s driving me nuts. I think I need to just go ahead and write up a couple classes and turn them over to players to see what they think. I could be over thinking, I but don’t know. *frowns*

Lately, a lot of my writing has felt like I’m going around in circles, this Inside AX article included. I honestly thought I’d be done with it, but I’m afraid I’m going to go back to the drawing board on it again. *sigh* I’m probably just in a mood, and it will pass soon enough. Not that thinking about it like that will make it go sooner.