Cookiemonger’s book, Shifting Elements, is now available on Smashwords.

Shifting Elements on Smashwords

You should pretty much go buy it. Just sayin’.

Seriously, you can read the first several chapters online for free, which is a pretty good deal and will tell you way more about the book than I can. I mean should. Because I won’t tell you much, just that it’s a fantasy novel, set in a world-kind-of-like-earth, and there’s magic and faeries, and other interesting things.

The main character is this woman who was imprisoned as a stone statue for a while, and after she’s freed, some of the magic kind of sticks around and causes problems. There’s this whole thing. She tries to settle back into an adventuring lifestyle, but you know how those things are. Plus, the lingering magic causes problems.

At this point, you should have already stopped reading this post and gone to just read the first couple chapters of the book. If you’re still here, you’ve failed me, and you should at least go read cookiemonger’s blog post about this, which I already linked you to above. Seriously, you should be pretty much anywhere but here right now.

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