It took a bit, but I drew up a list of some other stuff for the tactical roles to do, kind of based on their natural tendencies to uh, do stuff. You know, within their role, what’s expected of them, and what’s they’re encouraged to do (also, stuff that’s contrary to their purpose and expected mode of operation).

This actually led me to at least one new effect type, which is “trigger.” I hadn’t realized before that there was no real way of differentiating between when one effect type was used versus another when they weren’t a hit, miss, critical, or ongoing effect, and then I realized I was missing an effect type for my combos.

So now there’s the “trigger” effect type.

Feint – Harrier
Prevent one creature you engage from blocking until the start of your next turn.

Break – Charger
Remove one ongoing effect from a creature subject to your critical attack.

Press – Keeper
Deal 4 damage to one creature you engage if it doesn’t engage you before the start of your next turn.

Flank – Trapper
Prevent one creature you miss with an attack from rallying until the start of your next turn.

Ambush – Seeker
Prevent one creature subject to your critical attack from escaping until the start of your next turn.

Each one of these is also intended to become a keyword that will be referenced at some point later. For instance, when a power enables a character to “press,” that basically allows them to deal damage to a target when they don’t maintain the engagement. Flanking is represented above, as well as feinting / ambushing.

All good stuff.