Over the weekend, I drew some pixel-people and made some hair.

I’m in the process of preparing for a new pixel art comic, sort of a relaunch of Rumors of War, I suppose, with some time having passed and some other stuff. I figured this would give me the opportunity to address a couple things, such as the backgrounds and the overall dimensions of the comic pages.

I think one of the two complaints I ever received about the comic was that it couldn’t be viewed on a netbook or phone. I’m switching to a new format which should allow anyone to see and read the pages – well, they’ll be more like “panel” updates in my eyes, but there will be more text accompanying each update.

Sort of a hybrid text-and-image update.

More like a graphic novel I suppose, in the more-like-a-novel-less-like-a-comic format. Also, in the spirit of the original intent with the comic, there will be a lot more humor, and it will also be more game-mechanics-centric in its, uh, in its stuff. It’s what I meant to do, but it was hard to keep up in its previous form.

I’ve done a lot more work on making such things consistent and accessible, so it should work better now, be easier to keep up with, et cetera, et cetera.

There are a couple things the new series will have to wait for – for starters, I’m still working on the character images and the backgrounds. I’m also still working on the game mechanics. It could be ready in a week, it could be ready in a year. Hopefully more like the former and less like the latter, but real life dictates these things.

The new comic will basically be a continuation of the previous story, but with fewer gaps in the narrative, like, … time skips and stuff. Probably. I wanted the time skips before so that it felt like time was passing in the story. I don’t know if I ever achieved the desired effect, so I’m dropping it in favor of making stuff more fun.

There will be a significant shift in appearance. I’m using a far more limited color palette because art. I mean, I’m moving more toward an older style in appearance, which is kind of the opposite of my original intent. I wanted to have periodic “graphics upgrades” to reflect advancing systems. I don’t like that idea anymore. Not as much.

We’ll see where this goes. Should be fun.

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