Today I finished a Game Resources page, which you can reach through the menu at the top of the home page when you visit the site. The basic idea behind the Game Resource page is for anyone trying to find an odd reference sheet that I’ve whipped up to have an easier time of it. Also, it’s yet another permanent attraction.

I like the idea of having a couple things here for people to be able to find, use, and/or enjoy. There’s the blog of course, which contains a lot of the odd ramblings of my diseased, math-addled mind, there’s the webcomic, and some of the stories I’ve collected here too. I also have links to my Scales of War video series.

Eventually I suppose I’ll get around to linking various parts of “To Catch A Goat,” but that would require lots of linking and digging up old stuff.

I’m not really sure what might be considered a “main attraction” at the site nowadays. WordPress gives me completely different traffic stats than I used to get, and I don’t know how to check my bandwidth usage through GoDaddy or anything, so I’m sort of at a loss for sorting through that kind of information.

I think I might actually have what I need to continue the Scales of War video series, I’m just dragging my heels at this point. All I should really have to do is build the monsters. I’m pretty sure I have the stats I need, it’s just a matter of applying them. *frowns*

Right. I’ll just get on that then.