So, I think I figured out what was missing from my warden – the roles do a lot for characters, combat-wise, and that’s reflected pretty much throughout the class. Bonuses to damage and combat maneuvers and such. I think what’s missing is whatever is unique to the charger – its tactical “schtick.”

Actually, I have a pretty good idea of what that might be, too.

Yesterday I started writing a post that was meant to be a joke about how simple I thought it’d be to build the entire D&D combat system (the important stuff, I mean) within one branch of the system, when I realized I had left some stones unturned in terms of what the combat system could and couldn’t do. Sort of spoiled the joke.

So, I started thinking about how I could insert these sorts of things back into the system, give them names, make them regular sorts of things. Some of them nearly made it in as Craft powers until I realized that restricting them would kind of suck for the heroes (and players) of other Crafts. Less a trade-off, more a restriction.

As much as the tactical roles are numerically different, they lack a real feeling of tactical difference – maybe it’s just harder to tell with a charger since most of their bonuses are passive (increased health and damage being hallmarks of their role).

So, some more stuff I have to add/change. That’s cool though. I’m up to it.

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