It feels like a zillion years ago, but I still remember the first few revisions of the defensive tactics and included the nebulous “secondary effect” in reference to the sorts of things powers could do. The idea was that every power had two – a primary and a secondary effect. Always two there are, no more, no less.

Of course, it’s also taken this long to figure out exactly what those effects are, how to differentiate between them, and what governs them. When I figured out “missed attacks” (via the Guard power) and “critical hits” (via Rally) were the first big steps, and last night I think I figured out the rest.

As of the latest revision of the combat rules, there are a few different attack effects that can be discerned from the various interactions between Attack, Guard, and Rally. Attacks hit or miss, they linger (ongoing), and they can be “critical.” There’s also a “basic” effect, which comes from the power before anything else is applied.

Effect types:
Basic, Hit, Miss, Critical, Ongoing

Intuitive combinations:
Basic + Hit
Basic + Critical
Basic + Ongoing

Special cases:
Hit + Critical
Hit + Ongoing
(for when you feel lucky)

Hit + Miss
(when you have to make sure)

Next up there are the status effects, which will see a revision as well so they better interact with the other changes made in the combat system over the last couple days. This might be it guys, this might be the last major revision to the rules before the system is ready for release. I don’t know yet, but I am really excited.

Once I’ve worked out the status effects, there will be this trifecta of combat rules, tactical roles, and status effects. With those in place, I can start building the character races and classes. Like, seriously. It’s that close – weapons have been done for ages, attack targeting and attack ranges are done. Energy types are in the bag.

Character classes (the nicknames of the various craft-state archetypes) are only a matter of thematic combinations of existing ability pools with unique or specialized talents. What makes each class different stems primarily from its toolbox, and its intent. Clerics who fight elementals differ from clerics who fight undead, for starters.

Look forward to more information as it becomes available!

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