I took some time this morning to create a PDF of thirty basic creature stat blocks for your use in whatever Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures you might happen to run. Don’t use them all in one encounter mind you, since I doubt your players will have time to advance thirty levels all at once.

Download: Five Pages, Thirty Stat Blocks

When I mentioned my tendency to use a basic stat block for nearly every creature in every encounter, and just improvise the rest – from physical description to attack powers and everything – this is what I meant. These stat blocks are bare bones, with only the most basic information necessary, and for quick reference.

I tend to use a number of creatures equal to the party at one level higher, or a number of creatures equal to the party plus two of the same level, when I want a basic encounter. Sometimes it’s harder to justify than others, but my current group has made a fair number of enemies by this point in their careers.

While I was working on this, I thought maybe I could make one for encounter and daily powers, as well as interesting utility powers that might be used to mix things up, and scale them to level to be used alongside the basic stat blocks. More of 4e creature stuff should seriously be drag-and-drop. More than it already is, I mean.

Thanks to Sly Flourish and their table of stats for some of this stuff – the rest is based on my previous Static Creature Table, which is also lurking somewhere on the site.

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