Cookiemonger and I are continuing our work on our Desiderata RPG Maker VX project, which you can find a demo for here. The demo’s about an hour of gameplay.

We’re looking at the game in chunks like Chapters, with a set of goals to accomplish during said chapter, certain plot elements to introduce and/or establish. Just yesterday we finished a big chunk of the Chapter two beginning.

After the party leaves the city at the end of the first chapter (no spoiler there), they meet a new character, and we learn a bit more about each of them over the course of several days they spend in the desert around the city.

There will be more combat outside the city, and we’ve learned some new tricks to use through the combat system. On my last play through the beginning of the game, I realized how difficult the first dungeon is. We have a couple spots where the player has access to “free healing,” and they’re pretty much a necessity to survive.

The trek through the desert by comparison, has no free healing, which will no doubt catch many a player off-guard if they don’t think ahead and use their recent windfall to purchase healing items. That’s probably something worth addressing.

Not sure what else to say here except that things are progressing well, and smoothly. I am continuing to work on another project, the “repeatable mystery adventure” game, and I’m slogging through map creation at the moment. I think I’ve finished two intersections and five locations so far. All good stuff.